Introducing BeeStation

A cloud for everyone
Ever thought about recommending a NAS to family and friends but weren’t sure if they
have the time or knowledge to set it up? With a built-in 4TB hard drive and everything
preconfigured, BeeStation is ready to replace their cloud storage services right out of
the box.
As easy as 1-2-3
Scan a QR code, plug in the cables, and
press a button to confirm. That’s all. Store,
sync, share files, or invite family members
to create their own personal space—as
simple as the cloud.
Your memories at your fingertips
Back up your camera roll to relive life’s
moments. Never worry about maxing out
your phone’s storage again. BeeStation’s
built-in AI automatically identifies and
categorizes your photos, taking the work
out of organization without sending any
data to the cloud.
Store everything here. Access anywhere.
View, manage, and share your files from
any desktop browser or our mobile apps,
and keep your progress synced across
computers. BeeStation also syncs files
from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox,
and backs up connected USB drives,
providing peace of mind.
Ownership, unquestionably yours
Say goodbye to monthly subscription fees
just to preserve photos from years past.
Feel secure storing sensitive files.
BeeStation is completely owned by you.
How it works
Watch Jennifer from our team share the story behind BeeStation and walk you through its key highlights with demos.
Start your personal cloud journey today