IT Services

Managed online backup

Fully hosted backup service enabled with just a few clicks on all servers and workstations, or individual devices as required

  • Free seed-loading service
  • Customer data is fully encrypted using AES technology.

Managed antivirus

Based on award-winning Bit Defender

  • Enable on individual servers and workstations or on all servers and workstations at a client or site
  • Configure every aspect of the Managed Antivirus agent including scan schedules and remediation action
  • Fine tune protection policies
  • Manage quarantine
  • Used on over tens of thousands of networks worldwide
  • Flexible reporting capabilities

Web Protection

Secures against websites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam

  • Stay on top of bandwidth usage with alerts when devices exceed thresholds
  • Block users from visiting suspected and confirmed unsafe sites
  • Set white lists and black lists to override category based filters
  • Apply Web Bandwidth checks
  • Filter internet activity by day, category and URL to reveal trends, spikes and irregularities
  • Complete with detailed reporting tools to let you analyze browsing activity and demonstrate the effectiveness of web security.

Mail Protection

Robust email security and continuity

  • Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection
  • 24/7 continuity – always available, easy to use and extremely valuable
  • Filters inbound and outbound SMTP traffic
  • Intuitive web-based control panel
  • Hosted individual junk mail quarantines
  • Message logging and search
  • Fine tune the filtering on a per-person, per-domain, or per-organization basis, or simply “set it and forget it.”
  • Optional integrated archive

Mail Archive

Secure, geographically distributed email archive

  • Secure storage at multiple, geographically distributed datacenters
  • Fully customizable email retention and deletion policies
  • 256-bit encryption of all archived messages
  • Checksum verification ensures that all messages are successfully archived
  • Legal Hold allows retention of messages past their normal retention date
  • Message tagging allows messages to be categorized for export or for subsequent reference
  • Simple and clean user interface – no training required
  • Enable archive for a full domain, or selected users only – and pay only for what you use


Automated monitoring

One-view with access anywhere, anytime, any device

  • iOS and Android app availability
  • Client portal so customers can see what you’re working on
  • Covers Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Network & IP Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • VM Monitoring
  • Instant alerting – with customizable options on what you get alerted to
  • Email notifications for every check failure or overdue server

Automated maintenance

Complete visibility around networks

  • Deploy software, patches and custom scripts
  • Execute and track custom maintenance tasks
  • Comprehensive ‘live’ scripts library

Robust patch management

Maintain a secure, compliant network for our customers

  • Upgrades to latest versions automatically
  • Easily deploy third party software or patches network -wide
  • Vulnerability scanning and security capabilities
  • Set and forget – or customize depending on customer needs
  • Supports all updates
  • Covers all major browsers

Remote access

Provide our customers with a seamless, secure maintenance experience – wherever they are

Remote Background Management – work on client machines without interrupting end user

Asset & inventory tracking

View detailed information about your software and hardware assets from one single interface

  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • License compliance tracking
  • Provides detailed hardware and software information on customer assets
  • Customizable around whatever information you need

Mobile device management

Highly effective mobile management for your workers

  • Protects against device loss and theft
  • Enables cost control with asset visibility and expense management
  • Tracking of mobile devices
  • Device lock, wipe and reset
  • Pin control and automated configuration
  • Works across a range of mobile devices – iOS

App Control

Manage clients licenses, users and mailboxes in Office 365 and Google Apps services* via our unique 2-in-1 platform

  • Delivers enhanced administration, reporting and monitoring
  • Enables management of multiple cloud accounts for clients
  • Fast on-boarding/off-boarding – create, update or remove users
  • Correlates data from one service to another
  • Enables trending and historical analysis – so you get to see when additional licenses and storage is needed